Y&S is a New York City based non-profit that is dedicated to the support of emerging and unrepresented artists and young curators. Founded and driven by a group of art enthusiasts, Y&S strives to give young artists a platform on which an ever-broadening audience can celebrate the works of their own generation. Y&S creates a bridge between young artists, curators and a young audience, through group shows, lectures, studio visits and publications.

Y&S was founded by Dylan Brant, Vivian Brodie, and Tom Lee. Y&S would like to thank Alex Ahn, Roxana Bruno, Mary Carlson, Chris Craig, Julio Felix, Blake Gruber, Ari Lipkis, Luck You Collective, Saara Pritchard, Max Teicher, Milan Ther, and Alon Zakaim for all of their support with this project.